Interview with architect & designer Martin Mostböck

This September design takes center-stage with the London Design Festival. The ACF will take part with an exhibition of works by Austrian designer Martin Mostböck entitled AID ArchitectureInteriorsDesign. Martin has been working as a designer since the early 1990s. From the beginning his designs have been characterised by an experimental approach and have had a particularly strong affinity to the arts. He has worked with leading European companies like Moroso and Vorwerk and his designs are part of some of the world’s most prestigious collections such as the Museum of Arts and Design, NY and the MAK Vienna. This will be his first exhibition in London so we’ve asked him to join us for a quick interview to find out a bit more about this versatile Austrian designer.
This is your first time participating in the London Design Festival. Why did you want to take part this year?

Martin-Mostböck_AID_LDF-2015_My-Cousins-House_02_©Udo-Titz MM: Yes, it is my first time participating in the London Design Festival. I wanted to be part of it because the London Design Festival is the place to be, it is the most interesting design festival, the focus of the design world.Are there any major differences between Austrian and UK design, or the design scenes in each country?

MM: I think so. Every design is influenced by the country, the culture and the people. There is a big design culture in the UK based on the design history in England. But I also think that the current design language is more and more becoming a global one.

Your work includes furniture design, architecture and interior design. Do you have a favorite discipline?

MM: No I don´t have a favourite, I like the jumps between different scales and disciplines. And another thing: the one discipline can’t do without the other. When you plan a house, you have to think about the interior. A house isn’t just a row of boxes with a roof on top.


You have been working with the celebrated Austrian design and architecture team Coop Himmelb(l)au since 1994. What is it like working in a design collective?

MM: I saw and learned a lot; I learned to puzzle over things and how to formulate things that are on the borderline of art into a build-able architecture. Coop Himmelb(l)au is a collective that can think in all directions but formulate in one direction.

Do you have a favourite UK designer(s)?

MM: My favourite UK designers are Tom Dixon and Marc Newson, who is actually from Australia but based in London.

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