EUNIC London : Celebrating 10 Years of Cultural Cooperation


EUNIC London, the network of the cultural institutes and embassies from the member states of the European Union in London, is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year. A branch of EUNIC Global, EUNIC London was founded in 2007 and has currently 31 members fostering a vibrant exchange of ideas and resources among European nations and UK organizations. EUNIC London initiates, organizes and supports creative and innovative projects, celebrating the rich and diverse European cultural scene. For the past decade EUNIC London has developed annual as well as one-off projects such as the European Literature Night, Robotville & Robot SafariCurrency FestivalThe Games Europe PlaysTheatre of Europe and many more.


In these politically uncertain times it is all the more important to strengthen networks and foster collaborations bridging different cultures and languages. Since culture as a complex sign system works like a filter shaping the way we perceive our relationships, interactions, ideas, thoughts, surroundings and ultimately ourselves it exerts a powerful, yet often underestimated, influence. EUNIC London has proven in the past decade that artistic collaborations are an effective way to broaden people’s horizons and create understanding between different cultures.


The Austrian Cultural Forum London is one of 31 EUNIC London members organising numerous projects aimed at transnational cooperation and exchange. One great example is the Craft of Film festival taking place from the 22nd to the 28th of February 2017 at the Barbican Centre. Over the course of a week numerous screenings, discussions and workshops will take place shedding light on ten different film crafts – from directing to editing –  which enhance our visual, acoustic and ultimately emotional response to a movie.





Austria will participate with a screening of Amour Fou with special guest costume designer Tanja Hausner. The film premiered at Cannes Film Festival in 2014 to great acclaim. It thematises the double suicide of German Romantic poet and writer Heinrich von Kleist and his companion Henriette Vogel, tracing their growing affection and the factors leading to this tragic event.



The film features perfectly matched costumes and interiors of the Prussian upper class and Tanja Hausner will provide fascinating insights into how costumes and interior designs shape how we perceive and interpret a movie. Tanja Hausner began her career producing costumes for her sister, director Jessica Hausner’s, films. She went on to work with Ulrich Seidl on films such as his Paradise Trilogy. Her designs for Amour Fou were nominated for an Austrian Film Prize in 2015. She worked together with established London-based costume maker Christine Edzard on this production. Edzard has produced costumes for several Bafta and Oscar nominated films including Great Expectations, Amistad, Oscar and Lucinda and Topsy-Turvy.




Watch the trailer – (Video)


This event and other EUNIC London projects are topical and innovative and make an important contribution to a more vibrant and interconnected cultural scene. Happy 10th anniversary!


 For more information on the festival please visit:


 by Sabrina Thom 




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