Obituary Wolf Suschitzky

Wolf Suschitzky, our dear friend has forever closed his eyes that were ever watchful of what was going on around him.

Wolf Suschitzky
(c) Tony Wallis, London 2009

Together with Wolf we had the pleasure of publishing three books on his photographic and cinematic oeuvre in the last 10 years.

We were lucky enough to create two large solo exhibitions with Ursula at the Exilbibliothek in Vienna and with Fritz at the ACF in London in these two cities of his life. Here Wolf’s images were set in a new context, namely that of dialogue of which he was – without words – a great master.

We could partake in the creation of a documentary film portrait of Wolf with Joerg and Hjalti, displaying his versatile skill as cinematographer, but also his impish humour, unchanged in old age, and his abundant vitality that remains tangible in his great art of making images.

We could appreciate Wolf’s wonderful camera work for 200 mostly British films in the context of two large retrospectives in Graz and London.

We celebrated his birthday in the last years in London or in Vienna – always in his delightful presence – and presented either one of the films photographed by Wolf or a new book filled with hundreds of his photographs together to an enthusiastic audience.

Thus, dear Wolf, we owe you many thanks for letting us share in your knowledge and for generously providing access to a selection of your photographic treasure for over twenty years. For your wonderful Viennese charm which exuded warmth and kindness whenever we met, although London was of course for more than 80 years your home. For your political dedication, your participation in events of the day, your regard for the needs of others and in the face of social injustice, your continuous interest in innovation and progress, your open mindedness, your fine humour, your engaging nature. For having been our friend.

With affection and sympathies for Heather & Wolf’s family

Brigitte & Michael

SYNEMA – Gesellschaft für Film & Medien (Wien)
Brigitte Mayr / Michael Omasta
Gesendet: Samstag, 8. Oktober 2016


The whole team at the ACF warmly seconds this heartfelt and touching letter.


(This is not an official translation, but rather a working one.)


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