Meeting The Makemakes

The Makemakes

Austria’s entry to this year’s Eurovision filmed a promo clip of them arriving in Vienna on a train greeted by screaming fans, featuring yours truly. My ‘role’ involved repeatedly running around various parts of the main train station in 30 second bursts, before greeting the guys when their train (suitably adorned with Eurovision branding) finally pulled in to the station. I’m not sure what the clip will be used for, but it was really cool to be part of – I got to see how the filming process works, that everything isn’t always quite as it seems (there was a group of particularly keen girls in slightly strange ‘fashionable’ clothes who were definitely hand-picked to be at the front) and to meet The Makemakes!

They were busy getting off the train with their knapsacks and guitar cases (full of “naja keine Ahnung, Decken oder so was…”), waving to the crowd, posing for photos and doing it all a couple more time for good luck, but they were really friendly and seemed genuinely flattered that such a large crowd had turned out to welcome them. By complete coincidence, I ended up being perfectly placed by the door when the train pulled in, so was in prime position for selfies and squeezing myself between their elbows for the aerial TV shot. The finished clip, including yours truly, can be seen here:

Steph is a British languages student currently spending a year abroad working in Vienna.
As a long term Eurovision fan, she jumped at the opportunity to get involved behind the scenes and is thoroughly enjoying her role as an Irish Delegation Host.


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