The ACF team: Johanna, Bali, Vanessa, Markus, Theodora, Marjeta, and Elisabeth

Hello and welcome from the team of the Austrian Cultural Forum London!

Who are we? First and foremost, the ACF is a venue in central London. We’re busy organising and promoting non-commercial arts projects: this can be anything from music to film, from theatre to visual arts, from literature to academic talks. You can find out more about the events that we organise on our website.

So, why are we blogging? Quite simply, we want to share more of what we do with you. We work with fantastic people and we think it’s important that everyone can experience what they create, not just those who can make it to our headquarters in Knightsbridge.

What can you find on this blog? Expect behind-the-scenes footage, interviews with curators and artists, videos, pictures, podcasts, and much more. Please let us know in the comments if there’s anything you’d like to see!


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